Bones Culture is a musical collaboration collective.

We also have a few artists managed by our team at PH Makes an F Sound66notes, BenOaks, Android Eddie & Jefferson Ambrose.

Our latest collaborations include:

Rachael Green, Ren Thomas, PINK i, DHXQHU, Hive Driver aka

in 2021 stay tuned for upcoming collaborations with:

Onyx&Honey, Justin Angelo, Kuf Knotz, CeeKnow (aka Doodlebug of Digable Planets) & Bjorn Jacobson of General Semantics

We also have a band of musicians that we perform with including:

ToddBStevens, Adam Kissinger, Dan Silli, Ben Roth

From hiphop, triphop, funk, soul, dubstep & even industrial/metal we are a bunch of super talented artists from around the globe- Boston to St Louis, Des Moines to Poland, Philly to Minneapolis, Denver to LA- 66notes, Lawrence Day-Knightly, DEVY DEV DEV, Jonny F, vc KRISTI, Android Eddie, Pedro Fresco, iLL DiLL THa ViLL, Konsept, HESH, L Soul, Supreem Da Rezarekta, Gunner G, T.H.E. of the IIourshow, in2oon, Blikka Black, K1D KUZZO, Ganou, IM$YD, Starranko, Nico the Beast & Al Mighty of The 30 & Over League, Track Jumpas, Kuf Knotz & more.

To listen to our artists and/or for more info click here for Bones Culture’s label page at ReverbNation.

Past members/collaborators have included 4T, Godhead the General, The KNOmadz, The Grease Monkeys, Sharon Little, Anna Christie of the Sisters 3, Kuf Knotz, Snoop Dogg, Patsy Cline (posthumously), Boombiyeah, IAMISEE, Burt the Beatbox, Skrewtape, Burke the Jurke, CKY, The Roots, Dr Dog (then Baseball aka Raccoon), Hoots & Hellmouth, Nikki Jean, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Supreem Da Rezarekta, Dj Maseo from De La Soul, Kool G Rap, Linkin Park & so many more & too come.

We are a true musical collective. Our members range from folk singers to hardcore hiphop emcees, blues guitarists to electro DJs.

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